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Related article: Date : Thursday, 8 July 8, 1999 PDT 11 14 From: Benedict XVI Subject: Benedict Slips Pralle, OOO 8, ( H / S ) (t / t) ( u'wear, uniform, sportskit ) Disclaimer: this story is fictional and not given to minors, or the courts not by law, to read this material. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental and unintentional. All age groups are represented actually an understatement, and "child" of the term "youth " to do, in fact, means that the characters are under 18 years of age. Benedict did not wake Young Girl Models up the next morning, in the fact that he had slept soundly, your alarm clock and took some time to wake him up. He showered and dressed for school. In reaching a decision of its own steel- making was to come , ran down the stairs for breakfast. Sunday, as always, was finished eating his breakfast, and he was in the living room watching television along with her ​​younger sister, Sarah. Ben swallowed his breakfast, and poked his head through the door of the room. " Hello " said the youngest membersn of his family, but his eyes seemed only the cathedral. " Hello Ben," said Sarah, do not bother to watch on TV. " Ben " No, Don nodded, quite trust himself to see his older brother in eyes. Ben stood there and waited, and of course, was rewarded with the sight of his younger brother finally turned to acknowledge it. Lock eyes, Ben nodded his head to the cathedral to him to follow up. The movement of the head Imperial had an air of command that could not be violated, and Dom, s feeling a little sick in the stomach, nodded and pushed the recognition reluctantly from the couch. Sunday knew that he and Ben have to Young Girl Models talk, but he wanted no s now needed. It would be a provision for his brother of pine, a hint of steely will, in its way, that somehow Young Girl Models you can not deny Cathedral and slowly walked down the stairs to his brother, as a convicted \\ \\ n executioner steps escalating crime. When Ben was the executioner was then Cathedral ironic that Himself had formed his own rope. his emotions were still raw and tender, and felt worse by the fact that only s of an hour before he had gone into the bathroom with Ben panties in the mouth of his s. Last night I had promised not to do it anymore. no mourning for what was to be beaten as the destruction of his brother, considered purely Love, feeling completely guilty of what had happened, was in the bathroom and in the morning hard rock. Taunted and tormented by images fall with Ben and his feelings as he had been up all night, not Don been able to stop. It had occurred to him suddenly that Ben should be panties in the laundry basket to be, is that of yesterday. must be viscous and sticky, like his had been, and suddenly the Cathedral desperate for her hand. He had opened the basket, and , but that he had thoroughly searched all that came, was a pair of the famous white CK. the cathedral had been confused for a moment before realizing thhis brother the pants were not there. It was that or get the whole thing evil, and his brother had no milk in reality. Dom was not sure if this satisfied him or not. If Ben had not spunked in fact, then, is inclined to believe that the debt o more than it already has. Although the idea was appealing to his brother, hide the fat panties and also a part of it I Young Girl Models asked where they were and why his brother is hiding. He briefly as an attempt to be discussed later, before rejecting the idea as a even greater injury than he was taking. shrugs Young Girl Models , going to work on his tail down and made the white Ck, which were pretty good. While not keep what he had hoped, did contain a large nose and Ben was obviously very tense and sweating act with them. The only problem was, of course, made ​​this and the couple looked to confirm that his brother had shot his load with him. Even when the effort IUNG manhood had begun to throb and shoot shoots his arms and chest, began to slide down further in the the dark hole of the trap had caught. The boy had spent the entire afternoon to say or what to do next. He had run through the dozens of talks in the head with his brother. None of them had seemed convincing, and Dom felt a lump in the the throat as he followed Ben into the bedroom older boy. He had tried to stay awake and wait, Ben came home last night an, but had fallen asleep. He was very concerned that Ben would take the opportunity to create a word have with their parents, while he and Sarah were in bed. Down This morning I really had my mind, and had feared to find his mother, or father. She had not said anything, so it was unlikely, Ben had said to them, but Young Girl Models his mother had taken him and thought he looked a bit 'strong'. Now Ben closed the door behind him came, trapping the Cathedral in the room, at the moment of truth was andDom does not know what they say or do. before the events of the day, their experience with the cathedral and the burning words Ben Simon had changed. It would then hand of Simon, touch as soft and gentle. Simon had patted his hand, in the n public! If he did not live for the things between him and Sun deviates Ben is at this point now. The change was just the beginning, is a bit more to it, but he felt he had begun to turn a corner. It was n and launched against the truth, at first was an about what had rebelled revealed to him, but eventually his own sincerity for victory won, , and had decided to start acting instead of reacting. Could not have a very high opinion of himself in the moment when, in fact, was downright miserable, , but that should not mean that others must suffer, especially his younger brother Simon. Ben was happy later to Tom, he thought knew what to do, but it would be good to clarify things, chew a and maybe think about what would not have thought out. But first it must be to talk to Don, it was not the best of times, but now he stopped in front of their courage and come to a halt. I could spend a whole day think of the burden that had put his brother on his shoulders. It was tear in it and he was desperate to get rid of his guilt, and begin to ease his terrible burden. The change starts now, he said, a himself, as he breathed deeply and looked at his brother and begins me. Cathedral stood in front of Ben, not ten feet away, could reach out and touch him. The smaller, sleeker, more compact, blue-eyed blonde mirror image by itself, pale in front of him, almost visibly trembling, his eyes sad and sad. Ben did not dare to reach out and support his brother, though can not wait to hug and comfort, however, fell value of n, began, restless and unstable " Us do not have much time, freedom, so I'll be brief. what happenedyesterday, it was, what it means - " he hesitated," Well, I just said s not allowed to happen again. " the cathedral seemed to be talking to Bob and raised his hand. " I will finish the cathedral, " he said, is desperate, almost pleading with his younger brother for fear dismissal and rejection, even before he had begun, continued n fast, "Shit ! It's so hard ! I'm not saying forget it, come on, and would not go , or one of those things. She did, period. You know, I know, that both of us know, okay ? " was seen in the cathedral, desperate for any sign of understanding, just a touch of that the child was still with him. Dom nodded slowly, but still looked to Ben, as if it does not really listening or taking them in. who could blame him? of course not, Ben, that was for sure. However, he had started and he told me tall, so that more rushed recklessly allowed his brother, a vision of truth. " in fact," he continued, his speech Young Girl Models was unclear, though his voice was created and lined up "in fact, I remember no more of him again. As could I forget? You are my brother, who always be with me in me. However, the worst of the Cathedral" n here Ben's eyes began to burn and fill with tears, the sight of the Cathedral of suddenly blurred and confused. Although committed to his path, and the need to take a deep breath, exhaled, Young Girl Models and he continued : - Her cheeks burned with shame and tears " The worst is that I really liked. " felt hot and flushed, suddenly naked in front of his younger brother. Was not he who had to to protect and serve ? This was not an example of an older brother of his parents s no doubt had in mind every time she warned him to behave, show some meaning ot " take care of your Young Girl Models brother and sister. " " Although I liked, I do not think I have not regretted, for God s I know, " his voice tortured and tormented. " It was all because of my cathedral, I should have known better, should have done better. Not happen again, promise. I did not mean to hurt you, or harm, I would never do that would not allow it either. I was made ​​just gone mad for a moment, do not try to hate you for it, it's really all I failure. You can go now, you do not talk, let's put this behind and move on, and perhaps someday forgive you your way to work around me. I look forward to a big brother, the best are, and I had no right to ruin our friendship. " Benedict XVI, of course, had won several awards in school for his speeches and debating skills. Had a race over and over in my head since the guards. Not had went well with the plan, but the pressure of the occasion was like no other time Young Girl Models had he lived, the public demanding as any ever faced. everything has gone wrong did, their words just happened rushed out in the wrong place and wrong to say at this point. the things I wanted to say , I had not done and the things he did not intend that s had. had to not have to tell Dom, which he had enjoyed. Fuckin hell, when it suddenly came from ? Even more disturbing was, of course, so Dom wanted to do all that? I could not believe his own stupidity right now, cursing himself for his impatience, why could not have expected a left while located? Now the cat was out of the bag, , or at least as good as, and Ben was terribly insecure and anxious. It would be only put at the mercy of his brother. It was not a quality , the 14 - year old children known exactly, and Young Girl Models when his brother s... clear that Ben was actually Young Girl Models gay Ben wiped his eyes and Young Girl Models went to the cathedral, his attention suddenly tried his younger brother s, in the mist and fog to determine exactly what \\ \\ n his fate would be. If it is the older brother suddenly so vulnerable and was surprised at the age of Sunday, perhaps more than anything else. Ben was, well, it s no doubt the boy in front of him now. No, that was his brother always s as confident and relaxed, so easily and with themselves in theWay that could Young Girl Models Cathedral only envy. The discovery of unwanted sound - feet on his idol was still another example of how his madness had taken him. To start with horror, , listened to Ben, who is trying to concentrate and follow his brother to stop flowing. When Ben had said should not happen again, he responded instinctively wanted, cry, yeah, well, and no one, even after the s all very confusing. Ben silenced him, though, and crashed into the. n to listen to your brother all the blame on his heart was broken. that Young Girl Models was not right, he thought, right, do not blame you. -bit was really scary, though, as Ben said he had enjoyed. Despite himself, Cathedral had found his cock stirring at this. If not the fact that down his elevation was captured in his underwear, he knew, his pants would be tent with his erection, just like Young Girl Models his brother crying, though in his case there was no uncertainty or remorse, only an insatiable appetite. Sun makes perfect sense that his the brother had enjoyed experience. Who did not think ? It was great! It was really live sex and the Duomo, which is what all this at the time appeared to be, no matter. that s means nothing more than that, it was not her brother was a tell ? How to hurt the wounded and all those things did not follow a good n Dom really. Ben had never ever imagined that it hurt, and no time was ever kind, the guilt of his brother. So what was there to forgive ? Well, Don understood that family members should not have sex, and he knew he did not feel good about yesterday experience. It was not the fact that he and another boy who made ​​the effort to cum n him. We now, he did, but he was dealing with it, no Ben included. It was the fact that he had n with Ben, who was bothers you, so that the bottom of his heart, he guessed the words of Ben sense of order. So I guess it was concluded, Ben says he's not good, and definitely not be done again, and well, he's probably correct, too bad. While Ben had told his brother not necessary, he hoped that instead , I would. It would be better to have a sense of understanding, in the at least an idea of ​​what he thought his younger brother, and for the same n mourn together, he watched and waited. Sun seemed to be meditating furious, and Ben 's vision came into focus when he saw that his younger brother s in the eye to tears and his lower lip trembled slightly. "No need to forgive Ben," his brother suddenly exploded, as , but his mouth was sealed and had broken free. the tears began to fall on his cheeks, and Ben, overwhelmed by the show pack could not stop themselves from reaching his brother on his shoulders. that grabbed the yoke firmly young, feeling the tendons and bones, and forward lightly on the forehead in front of his brother to cut his hair, and my head. " Do not cry Cathedral, please, anything but that. I'm sorry"Said, his voice strained and breaking. " His, " began the cathedral. " As I said, sorry," interrupted Ben. "No! " Dom said, suddenly imposed. " Listen to fucksake not Young Girl Models always right ! Its you, see the anger that makes me mourn! " Young Girl Models punished Ben stopped, only to continue with his brother and silent s of the crown. Sun continued, suddenly in full swing, " If someone's me Ben, it's not, I liked the guilt !. Was n.. as so cool, so sexy that I have more never done before, I believe, and yes, I think I wanted for a while. I feel as if an say sorry... not as I understand it more, well sorta, , but I'll deal with it. " for the first time he felt Ben begins to relax its grip makes s on the shoulders of his brother, suddenly aware of how close he came to n it said. " God, you're wonderful cathedral," said Ben, "I am very happy that I can not tell me. I would that if we had not spoken to each other, would have driven me crazy. to tfirst time that Ben actually allowed himself a small smile, he continue " But do not do it again, okay ? not fair. " The tears were stopped flowing down the cheeks of Dom and the younger boys suddenly stuck his head out of his brother, his hands burned of nails on the fingers, which had bitten on the hand, and No had realized, " Yes you 're right, as usual bloody " he said, and then his face lit of a smile, with a mischievous smile and a twinkle in his eyes said " is a shame, but now I know how did you like, I could have done with a bit more. " Ben laughed, surprised by his brother dared, he loved his innocence y charm, ironic self-deprecating humor. For Ben it seemed like the brother of his s really gained experience, although some did best of it, and now, all the stress away, I was shaking and trembling of laughter. Dom laughed too, like his brother, the uncertainty was over and sent giggles light and awaand at his own joke. Except that it was quite a joke and a little help could not disappoint him, but. know Ben had accepted back was all that important at the time, the rest to wait and see. Benedict XVI reminded Adams of animal scream the name of his younger brother on the lips of his s, when he shot his load would be. Still laughing, said: " Hey, if I was your age I have nothing. I'm sure someone will come a along, do not worry. " " Hmm, I think so " Don agreed, not quite convinced. Apparently, no doubt, , which way. Although it was a little surprised that his brother was is not always all at his age. I could not help wondering why the n is not vicious ? The two brothers had shared an experience forbidden, but not done bad things of others as well ? You fall in love with each other, broken things together, went to places they should not have, and done all the a number of things the kids do not want, but anyway. What s so different about it? eraI only remember one other secret to share and stay by, and when nobody is looking, and investigate and refer to me all over again. See the time, Ben suddenly called : " We have come too late, let's move on that ". "OK, Sun said :" Thanks to Ben, you are great - for a strip pee "or is. Embraced " " Yes, you are not a bad Shortarse it is, " replied Ben. Suddenly, two boys and patted his brother Ben s again. Both children had bent slightly forward, played in a single chest the head, as if everyone has the resonance of genital fears other trigger an adverse reaction. Junk ? Well, when was the brother of in all honesty, admitting that this was different. would embraced many times, but now the action is taken with her memory smell and feel of yesterday, and horror all that is revealed peak. considered that both have problems, their monopoly was, , as if neither wanted to break the magic of this special moment Ben smiled and withdrew from his younger brother. The two boys quickly straightened up and Ben was waiting for her backpack Dom before the pair meet in the school. Ben soon realized that there was no time to do his usual Shipping and Simon. He felt somehow that this was possibly not be good thing, especially the way it was last night, but s not much I could do it, and hoped that Simon would not accept crime. Instead, he found himself walking to school with his brother. This was very unusual for the rigid hierarchy of teens means, in general, in which they were traveling separately with their own friends. Today was different, , in fact, something very special, and the two brothers were soon chatting like , but not much was happening. His forces juvenile speedy recovery, is only focused on the moment, there is shown better than now. However, their relationship had changed, and subtle hints beis in his conversation, as they make their way quickly into the school. When Adam and Eve discovered long ago, there is nothing so tempting and so desirable as the forbidden fruit. When the two brothers appear charming naivete, a certain degree of ingenuity, they were only faithful to his two different but very similar in nature. Although Ben had seen this Young Girl Models truth , almost by force and passion that had dismissed overwhelmed, Cathedral had not yet discovered that the raging hormones of youth so easily overcome or appeased. Although the two boys had tried to end the the growth of your desire, and therefore at this time, the view is closed the whole thing would not be able to remove the seeds that have sprouted inside them. His young rich soil, if present sterile after harvest yesterday was still fertile and productive. And, indeed, seem to have been the fresh root tissue of tendrils of desire and lust, whisper to her resentment of what yours of them prohibited. Simon Jones had been waiting, waiting, hated it, but what bothered him over this time was the absence of Ben, his friend. I had thought that last the night was fine, after all is gone, that towards the end it would still is a sign of old Ben, Ben, who knew and loved. Shit ! Did I love? ' condemned knew and loved ? "That was what was really at the bottom of all this, that was what had scared shitless of him last night when he came to sat at home and had to find their feelings after of his night with Ben. was in his house Young Girl Models still felt a little dizzy and had returned, but then quickly stripped e go to bed. his brother Luke had known him when he arrived, " how was ? "I asked. There was nothing unusual, but his brother issue seemed different somehow. Simon thought he had a funny look eyes. He shrugged, it was decided at some point that could be brother may not have done anything for her. Most likely it was n itself, definiteland felt weird, not really, and went quickly to the bed. Slipping between the sheets of his mind was suddenly filled with images of Ben. Ben Ben was in Young Girl Models the shower or squash, swimming, Ben Ben at school or just Ben at leisure. Suddenly, he came before Ben with him and in him. He stroked Ben obviously had done, s that now, and realized his fingers were still burning, where touched the gilded youth. Ben 's skin was soft and felt as soft as silk, dressed in a beautiful soft golden hair, which was hot and had to shivered in his hand, animated and alive. Simon had his right hand on the smooth chest drifted n olives, stopping brief round dark nipples, which had suddenly become so painful hard and demanding. The fleshy set the hard rock on your left side, it rolled as the sand between your toes, and his chest was burning with pain and pleasure. Jog in bundle of 6, which so secretly, and very proud of pollFinger triggers ask the Federal Government cotton shorts wearing to bed usually. The boy would have been amazed to know how Ben was intimate with these short, they had heard quite surprised where he had been and what they endure. His cock was just angry in the interior, which would never have an erection, as it is known, and Simon was not a Virgin. He had kissed several Young Girl Models friends, and felt all had an even agreed to blow him and another had a at the end allowed to fuck her. sex, as he knew it was decided that was over - estimated. Both experiences were good, but something was missing. In fact, had come to the about really getting into Rachel Hobson, his nerves had nearly le and push and push piece had a very satisfactory result peak. The highlight was always the monkey back to about their virginity. Simon knew that most people were not the first time must be so hot and it is expected that the next timet would be better. Perhaps it was his feelings for Rachel, who had abandoned him, somehow, , would have really liked at the time. Whatever it was, it was between the two of them, and Rachel, a nice girl worked very, very soon added to the stack of Girlfriends Past, which always seemed to grow and showed no too early to stop signs. Severe pain in the pants was accompanied by a mass escape of lubricant. Simon, as clean and tidy, not wanting to spoil his shorts. He hated it when he had a wet dream and soaked the bed, his mother, How ashamed to tell and it was natural to worry about. So now the tortured teen provided the elastic band on the head and pushed tumescence his pants to his thighs. was a constant irritation to Ben Simon 's panties and shorts general, lacked strong evidence of semen, Young Girl Models and this was the reason out why. Simon, unknowingly, had stolen from his friend alone treatment. As Simon had released his cock from the resistanceTrainingshorts his thick cane flesh had moved and she hit her womb. Cradled his great balls with his left hand gently caresses and heated in hand, , visited with his right hand on his cock furiously now. Simon knew his friends mocked him and called him " Big Balls", actually was very proud of him, but never admit it. What your friend did not know was, however, that had the entire set with a suitable valve to go it. Slowly pulled back the foreskin went his fleshy stick, who loved to try and take it as far as possible. The experience still satisfied, I loved is, the meat hot, throbbing, all red and angry note increases with precum that flowed inevitably, if it did, glass this. His fist was matted with the rich and resin, indeed, needed to get to work on his cock and satisfy your appetite for the and sperm release. His penis was 8 inches long, and always in service of two thick , its dark red pThe shaft was covered with thick ink throbbing veins, ran along the soft rod of grease, blood was dammed to feed the crown is a dark purple velvet. In its sleek, compact, 5-foot 9-inch frame, the cock seemed monstrously huge. Seemed to have reached manhood before the rest in the same and Young Girl Models break, obviously, Young Girl Models so the rest of your body catch up. At the base of the tail was fertile garden of Simon, a deep, rich Black Bush generously thick and overgrown, and disseminate it. S even at the threshold of of masculinity, the bus was still firmly held in the groin. Apart from the path that led to his navel sunk, had not yet dared to break out and raid on his lower abdomen. At that time his tail on fire, crazy with lust, and just pulling back the foreskin had brought Simon close to orgasm. Slowly the boy began to pump, so I had to keep rubbing his foreskin y stunned to crude and delicate. It seemed just to build speed up or spend any effort, if the queueerupted, spewing its rich First All men over the chest and arms. Torrents of heavy cream teen had hit his firm abdomen tense, and while Young Girl Models he continued to work his shaft slid over her hips and rubbed shooting Piss - Slot in the valleys of the 6-pack, rubbing the sensitive head fire his hot meat pounding. Soon, the ridges and glaciers have increased sperm deck ran like rivers in the lowlands of your stomach as a flood plain. Even if the sperm had stopped flowing to Simon more frantic agitation of his tail as if trying to remove images that fired his brain. Finally giving up, except for the fact that is emptied himself, who had brought the child and complete all his cum soaked his finger to his mouth and licked and sucked dry. not tasted in years, not because he had discovered for the first time, could produce the hot white liquid. The last time I tried, it was Simon almost sick, like the thin aqueousLiquids, all chemicals and salt plays s had on the tongue. Much has changed since then. Now was his thick sperm rich, salty and Simon knew, however, but somehow sweet as good. Finishing with a finger, the more he wanted, he rubbed his fingers around the belly like a mixer, cream skimming bright blobs in large on the finger. Shit, why the hell am I doing this, he said, temporary disgusted with himself. was because of Ben. Ben had been thinking, I had n has a " daydream " and this Young Girl Models time saw his spirit, that part had always known. Simon now have to Young Girl Models face the truth that at the time of ejaculation was the tail of Ben, who had seen and felt, not yours. So it was not , was run Ben, trying to get to drink and put about sex - a dry throat. The clean, tidy, well-ordered world that Simon Jones had lived in the collapse at this time. Beyond caring, just Young Girl Models to say that he pulled his shorts and left the bedNEN, and stained for contaminated with the remnants of his orgasm. Turn around, feeling slide cum him and seep into the mattress, he turned the bedside lamp. the eyes of his s remained open, and although she continued to stare, not understanding, in the dark , as Young Girl Models if seeking refuge and finding peace. was crazy ! Why the hell had he done? After all this time as well. He had known Ben since grade school, fucksake since the age of 6 ! He never had any idea, not for what he believed it was time.. What? I'm gay? He immediately rejected, he was not ready consider the possibility, even for a moment. I had no girlfriends have right? I have a fucking too! I mean, well, I at least once a day, Wank, more often n and I've never thought about Ben, just girls. I never thought about the children all, "see CEPT 'em good in the locker room, but we all do, right? Another part of his mind was against their objections, demolition his arguments one by one. could your relations with their girlfriends always A is success? What about his much-praised first powder, not that is really a bit of a disaster? Never thought about Ben? Hmm, what is these days when the two of you mean the recording of a girl in the photo together, , which never deviated from his thoughts? Sure, we review all other rigs of children n, we know that, but we were all so long and as hard as you ? Although Simon had his self -control responded that it had become still not ready for each resolution , perhaps even to give some ground. All data that said he loved girls, now was the fact. Made of two, definitely not the end, probably something he had eaten. In fact, three, Ben was acting funny lately, was , obviously a bit nervous and Simon was willing to admit, , took charge of his friend very much. Therefore, it was probably a case made ​​of three his reaction to the plight of Ben. He had tried to sympathize with his friend, him out to help, and for once, just once, had in his dreams, in your Dream s mind, as his friend, the ultimate relief that always helped sort things out out for Simon. It seemed reasonable enough, how could an exercise in physics or chemistry, he is good with them. He had passed through the " T", and dispersed to their " I " had a very well-reasoned arguments and rational. Although it might be a bit of distance has been made to the end, but, well, he was a hot teen and his friends do not fool things all the time? from 01 30 am Simon had agreed with his statement that there is a " phase", all that. as well as Sunday, he had also heard of this strange phenomenon , and even if you can by some as a little later, in the day, Simon is not to be considered too unusual. although soon to be 18 years old, he still felt a lot of young, and if that was being subjected to resort to a new phase of "growth " for whatever. that s soon to be finished, it does not last long, pointed, and sure as hell wanted to go somewhere with him, he shall,d Because she is "true " nature s made ​​it clear this was an aberration, could, in fact, it's been. Anyway, I was hardly going to talk about it, Ben, now do you? Although NA was not sure what Ben had been successful with his girlfriend, he s was quite sure he must have had some time. The two friends are surprised enough never really open to each other on their girlfriends. They were together almost everything else, but for some reason never dass friends Other Simon knew it was not a virgin, but for some reason never even told Ben. Anyway, what the hell was that all valid in this case, and refused to be no more, were troubled teen in a restless sleep. In the morning, had been successful enough to build brick Simon in thought of encapsulation of the problem. Ben had been too late, however, the dilapidated building in ruins now, and Simon picked pieces fall. His greatest fear was that by grabbing the hand of Ben as the public and fRiEnd could, in fact, even now, to think it was queer. Simon was carried out in a cold sweat, the last thing s wanted, I thought Ben was a gale, while there were all these strange thoughts running loose in the head. Maybe that's why he was not here now? The other concern, of course, not recognizing that it was due to not by what was known was that his heart ached. It s still worried about Ben if he really was in order, if it had stopped hurting or whatever it was that hurt. Ben was not here a bad character, , and n is a part of him was very concerned that the production of champagne and a sense of the emptiness in my stomach that Simon was thinking the other of rotting food. full of doubt and uncertainty, anxiety and fear that he would be the way to school n , hoping, fearing even to find some answers there.
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